Zieht eure Space-Anzüge an und wartet eure Raumschiffe - das Märkische Viertel hebt ab!
Vom 26. - 28. Oktober 2018 findet die AniMaCo im Fontane-Haus statt.

In diesem Sinne: bis nach Berlin und noch viel weiter!

Special Guest – Jamie-Lee

If you thought this year we have only one music guest of honor, you’re wrong.
This year we are proudly welcoming “Jamie-Lee” on the AniMaCo!

Who doesn’t know Jamie-Lee, our representative of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and the winner of the Voice of Germany?
She is best known for her japanese Decora Kei Style and fabulous voice.

You can meet her friday at the AniMaCo.

In addition to a small concert with some of her songs, she will take part in a autograph session and a interview combined with a Q&A.
There you get the chance to ask your own questions.

The only thing left to say: “We are looking forward to an exciting Friday!

Best regards
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Special Guest – Kerbera

This year we produly presents the Swedish alternative ambient rockband Kerbera.
At our convention they introduce their brandnew band lineup, consisting out of following members:

Singer: Seike Clowniac (former Seremedy & Die/May)
Lead Guitar: Zave Demonte
Rhythm guitar: Dave Delaine
Bass: Fredrik Lazsarus

Kerbera has its origins in the visual kei scene and were therefore already several times in Japan on tour. As recently as this year in April they rocked at the Cure World Visal Festival in Japan and they will be ready again next year, too.

Leadsinger „Seike“ commits himself for the Visual Kei scene with his projekt „Visual Unite“ for years. This project encourage bands from all over the world to establish themself in Japan.

They want to take a new direction with their new band members. In their latest announcement video (https://youtu.be/tfG-C3xLmPc) they lift the secret of their new musical direction!

Their debut single “Inglorious” reached already 1.5 million views. They’re one of the most popular representants of the Swedish scene. Even their later releases like the mini album “She Saw Bridges Burn” with titles like Lipstick Tonic and Ghost Town are convincing all along the line.

We’re happy to welcome this Swedish band and we hope, that you’ll like their music too.
Look forward to a feast of Rock and Metal. They’ll fire up the hall at Friday and Saturday evening!

More infos about the band at:

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